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July 16th, 2019

Explore how YuktaOne can help Publishers boost their YoY Revenue by up-to 25%

YuktaOne is a data aggregation tool which helps Publishers gather and analyze data from multiple demand partners – all at a single place.

How Publishers can boost their revenue upto 25% YoY using YuktaOne?

A. Reduce missed opportunities:

  • Track and manage discrepancies With YuktaOne you can compare discrepancies. If you detect higher discrepancies in one Demand Partner, you can take corrective action or move the supply to another Demand Partner. You can also set-up discrepancy alerts to keep track of discrepancies.
  • Alerts – Setup automated alerts to track multiple KPI’s with their benchmarks. For example: Setup discrepancy alert and get an automated notification if the discrepancy cross the benchmarks.
  • Reduce unsold inventory YuktaOne shows the unfilled and house ads inventory numbers everyday so that Publishers know where their Sales team needs to push and adjust pricing, so that unsold inventory is reduced. Publishers can also set up custom alerts so that if unfilled or house ads numbers go above a certain threshold then they get an alert, so that they can take corrective action.

  • Moving inventory to high fill rate Demand Partners – Publishers can check to see which Demand Partner has a high fill rate, eCPM and revenue to shift more inventory to that Demand Partner. Publishers can compare demand partners to find out the best and worst performing partners. Publishers can also set up email alerts on eCPM, revenue and Fill rates, so that they can take corrective actions. Publishers can check the eCPM trends from Demand Partners and make price floor adjustments.

  • Reduce Impressions Passbacks – Identify impressions passback trend and reduce the impressions passbacks from your demand partners by moving inventory to a high fill rate demand partner.
  • Direct campaigns Pacing & Performance –Publishers can monitor pacing and performance of direct campaigns in YuktaOne platform. This will help to optimize campaigns in a better way and also can generate reports which advertisers would like to see.
  • AdX Price Floors Analysis – YuktaOne provides the price floors analysis app which provides the effectiveness of the floors set by publishers to identify the true value of their inventory and track trends to make proper floor adjustments.
  • Easy to read intuitive dashboards – Know what matters most and identify key revenue drivers or the losers instantly to make data-driven strategic decisions which saves a lot of valuable time.
  • Task management – Track tasks between the team members right from the platform. No need to use multiple systems.
  • Tailored consulting for your needs from YuktaMedia Ad Operations experts –Team YuktaMedia has 17+ years of Ad Operations experience working with the Publishers worldwide. Get free (twice a month) recommendations from the Ad Operations experts suited for your needs.
  • Dedicated account manager – Have any query? No worries! You have got a dedicated account manager to resolve your queries with lowest turnaround time in the industry.
  • New features are added in the product every month multiple times –We add new features every month multiple times so that the customers who are using it always stay ahead.
  • eCPM and revenue Trends – Publisher can easily see the pattern in their revenue and eCPM in trend charts. This functionality helps publishers to focus more on problem area first. For example, there will be a monthly pattern where publisher is seeing drop in eCPM at the end of every month. Publisher can adjust inventory and floors based on his analysis/trends which he is seeing in YuktaOne.

B. Cost Reduction

  • Reduce Ghost ad calls: Track and manage ghost calls made from your ad server to reduce the costs.
  • Reduce time and effort required for Billing and Reconciliation: With YuktaMedia’s automated, fast, accurate billing and reconciliation process your payments in very less time. Publishers lose their revenue to the inaccurate billing and reconciliation. YuktaOne eliminates the need of manual process and automatically calculates the Gross Revenue, Expenses and the Net Revenue accurately.  In fact you don’t need a large team to manage your finance department.

C. Identify and monetize new opportunities

  • Creating additional ad opportunities (inventory): Create additional ad opportunities for your high performing inventory by Ad size, Ad type, eCPM, Revenue and Viewability by using YuktaOne. Quickly identify low performing inventory and make adjustments in the setup to improve eCPM for the inventory.
  • Inventory packaging (PMP and PG Deals): Identify high performing inventory based on various KPI’s such as Ad size, Ad type, eCPM, Revenue and Viewability to create inventory packaging. Know the true worth of your inventory to have an edge in PMP and PG negotiations with Buyers.

D. Reduce billing and reconciliation processing time

  • Increase accuracy and speed of billing and reconciliation: YuktaOne has various checks at multiple levels to ensure the accuracy in your billing and reconciliation process. This process is completely automated so that you can spend your time where it matters most.
  • Catch issues before they happen or as soon as they happen: YuktaOne has various system validations and checks to make sure everything is working as expected. You can also set-up custom alerts and notifications based on various KPI’s to catch issues before they happen or as soon as they happen.
  • Create an audit trail of all changes and communication: Add comments and notes to track the changes you have made in the setup to make the process more transparent and easy.

What are the key features of YuktaOne Media ERP?

  • Find out missing opportunities – Unfilled impressions, Discrepancies, VAST Errors and House ads
  • Revenue Projections and revenue trends 
  • eCPM trends – drop and spicks 
  • Daily/weekly/monthly supply trends 
  • Demand partner analysis and performance comparison
  • Granular reporting and analysis
  • Time saving – Most precious thing of YuktaOne that the publisher has all the data which he/she would like to see together. This will save a lot of time which publishers can use on other various important things.
  • Accuracy – As there will be less manual work during data collection, data accuracy will be achieved.
  • Efficiency 
  • All historical data together – Publishers will have all historical data at one place
  • Data Visualization
  • Alerts and notifications
  • AdX pricing rules analysis
  • Completely automated reporting and data aggregation which saves time generating multiple reports 
  • Over 100+ readily available integrations for the faster onboarding
  • Make data-driven strategic decisions
  • Track and Visualize multiple KPI’s (Default and Custom)
  • Compare performance between demand partners based on various KPI’s
  • Automated Billing and Reconciliation
  • Slice and Dice feature to segment and analyze data the way you wanted
  • Export and share reports instantly 
  • User management

If you have any queries, questions or suggestions, feel free to share on info@webtest.yuktamedia.com

Happy to help!

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Aditya Bhelande

Aditya Bhelande

Aditya is the founder & managing partner at YuktaMedia. He has rich global experience in Digital Media having worked with large Publishers and Media Houses. That paired with his deep technical knowledge of enterprise systems has led him to create and lead YuktaOne Media ERP for Publishers.

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“Working with the Yuktamedia team has given our company the extra support we needed to expand our business. The YuktaOne platform has reduced reporting hours significantly, allowing our internal team more time to focus on other initiatives. And our partners love having instant access to their data through a clean UI. We’ve worked with several outsourced teams over the years and Yuktamedia stands out because of their dedication to our success. It isn’t just about completing a task, Aditya’s team cares about producing quality results.”

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YuktaMedia has been an invaluable partner, helping us monitor our business KPIs with their platform. They build and maintain data connections quickly and they are very responsive to all our requests.

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