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February 13th, 2020

YuktaOne Data Marketplace (DaaS) Part 2: Multi-Account Unified Reporting

Introducing Multi-Account Unified Reporting: In Part 1 of our YuktaOne Data Marketplace blog, we saw how YuktaOne Data Marketplace help Publishers to integrate data from multiple data sources (SSPs, DSPs, Ad Servers, Social, Email, CRM, etc.) in a single Dashboard. In case missed, you can read part 1 here : YuktaMedia team has successfully completed […]

September 24th, 2019

DMEXCO 2019 | Discovering Publisher’s Challenges

The yearly pilgrimage to DMEXCO 2019 in Cologne, Germany turned out to a be very insightful. There were the usual behemoths like Google, Facebook, Adobe and more followed by smaller players and then by the smallest in Hall 9 called the Future Park. YuktaMedia’s booth was in Future Park in Hall 9 next to all […]

June 15th, 2017

Native ads – The Next Big thing in Online Advertising

So, you have heard about Native advertising and you might be curious about it. We are all aware of traditional ways of advertising which includes advertising through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, email advertising, door to door advertising etc. Although these methods are effective in their own ways, there are some limitations such as: Information sharing […]