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YuktaOne Media ERP Case Study | Automated Campaign Delivery and Performance Management

Learn how a large Ad Tech provider leveraged YuktaOne to deliver millions of dollars’ worth of campaigns… on time and with top performance!

Customers’ Business Challenges:

A large Ad Tech provider was working with Agencies to deliver their direct campaigns. There were specific challenges associated with these campaigns:

  1. Billing was done on 3rd party (Agency) numbers, which meant that they had to be constantly updated to detect discrepancy, delivery and performance with their 1st party ad server.
  2. Campaigns were of very short bursts. For example, a few hours a day. Hence, they had to ensure that delivery was happening as expected. If issues were not caught, then the window of opportunity to deliver the campaign was lost leading to massive claw backs.
  3. Volume of campaigns was large, and team was global. Hence, work distribution and collaboration were critical aspects for holding the team accountable and proper work load balancing. Teams were using email slack and other tools which lead to confusion and delay, which would eventually impact campaign delivery.
  4. In order to increase team productivity, they were looking for a platform which will highlight the issues to the team so that the team could then focus on what’s important and critical.
  5. As the team was working with large volumes of data, they were spending a significant amount of time on data collection as opposed to data analysis, leading to missed opportunities and goals.

YuktaOne Media ERP Solution:

YuktaMedia Ad Ops team collaborated with this Ad Tech provider to first understand the key pain points and business goals. Team was quickly able to map out “as-is” and “to-be” process. This helped the Ad Tech provider teams get on the same page with respect to roles and responsibilities.

There were a few things that were delivered from this exercise:

  1. Mapping of entire ad ops process
  2. Team structure with roles and responsibilities
  3. Prioritization of business needs
  4. Changes to YuktaOne to address business specific needs
  5. YuktaOne adoption (rollout) plan

YuktaMedia team worked shoulder to shoulder with the Ad Tech provider’s team as part of YuktaOne implementation and understood the user context and user persona. This helped YuktaMedia team get a deep understanding of context of Ad Tech provider’s team. Using this context YuktaMedia team was able to redefine the business processes and make changes to YuktaOne configurations to best suite Ad Tech provider’s business needs.

Benefits of implementing YuktaOne:

1. Productivity gains – Every day before their day started Ad Tech provider’s team got insights into the most critical things that they need to focus on based on the KPIs that matter to them. These productivity dashboards helped reduce campaign under-delivery and under-pacing and response time to their Sales and Account Management teams. Cross channel collaboration was fostered using the collaboration features in YuktaOne. Miscommunication were reduced since all the communication was in YuktaOne and also in context of specific campaign / line item. Communication from email and other productivity tools like Slack was also imported in YuktaOne. Data was available in tabular as well as graphical format for quicker trend analysis and deeper analysis in exported data (xls, csv and json). Team members were able to share data via emails, PowerPoints and captured images.

2. Focus on deeper analysis of campaign delivery and performance – With YuktaOne campaign data was updated in near real-time automatically. Hence, Ad Tech provider’s team now had more time to spend on campaign delivery and performance. They were able to make faster and quicker adjustments to campaigns to meet campaign KPIs. In addition to that YuktaOne gave system generated recommendations to Ad Tech provider’s team which further saved their time on basic analysis.

3. Faster onboarding on campaigns – The Ad Tech provider was working with a number of Agencies who used different ad servers and demand partners for billing purposes. Leveraging YuktaOne data exchange, Ad Tech provider’s team was able to quickly get access to real-time data from different ad servers. This enabled them to fast track initial insights on the campaign and track KPIs like discrepancy, performance and delivery.  This also saved significant amount of budget which would be wasted due to lack of insights after campaign go-live.

4. Accurate and fast billing and conciliation – Once the rollout of YuktaOne was complete, after a quarter or so, Ad Tech provider’s Finance team started using the delivery data from YuktaOne for billing and reconciliation purposes. They were able to cut down billing and reconciliation time from 30 days down to 7 days. Finance team no longer had to wait till the end of the month to start the process of billing and reconciliation. With YuktaOne they were able to review the reconciled data every day and only had to do one off adjustments at the end of the month.

5. Identification of new business opportunities – Unification of data from various ad servers, SSPs and DSPs enabled Sales, CEO, CMO and Finance to discover newer business opportunities for cutting costs and boosting revenue. It enabled everyone to look at single source of truth. Executive teams along with executional teams were better aligned to meet deliverables promised by Sales and business growth vision of the CEO.

About YuktaOne Media ERP

Benefits of YuktaOne Media ERP

About YuktaMedia

For Brands & Agencies, YuktaOne Platform provides:

  • Single repository of all cross-channel campaigns data (Display, Mobile, Video, Social and IPTV) from SSPs, DSPs, Analytics tools, DMPs, etc.
  • Create and push campaigns to demand partners by specific user permissions and approvals.
  • Track and optimize pacing, performance and discrepancies (engagement and ROI) for Direct and Programmatic campaigns and IOs with real-time visibility and transparency.
  • Productivity and collaboration tools such as user-specific custom dashboards, chat, alerts and recommendations to reduce cost and increase profitability for each media dollar spent.
  • Generating invoices and billing and reconciliation and access to Partners (Pubs & Advs).

Here is what to do next

  1. Share your Business challenges at info@webtest.yuktamedia.com. We are happy to help.
  2. Download the PDF Version of this guide

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Aditya Bhelande

Aditya Bhelande

Aditya is the founder & managing partner at YuktaMedia. He has rich global experience in Digital Media having worked with large Publishers and Media Houses. That paired with his deep technical knowledge of enterprise systems has led him to create and lead YuktaOne Media ERP for Publishers.

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